Khalid Ben-Hassin (Doctor Fate)

Played By: Oded Fehr
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Quote: "If this role is mine alone and despite whatever sacrifices I must accept, if I can help better this broken world…then let it be my fate!"
Position: Lord of Order & Archeologist
Affiliations: Magic
Inspiration: DC Comics
Rating: NC-17

Khalid Ben-Hassin is a professor of Archeology and a professional archeologist. Nicest guy on the block. makes good money.

Khalid Ben-Hassin is the master of the Helmet of Fate and the current Doctor Fate! A master of magic both with and without the Helmet and one of the greatest authorities of magic in existence.

Homo Magi
Khalid is a homo-magi due to his mother secretly being a homo-magi herself, thus is his body far more able to learn and perform magic than normal humans. He can sense magic that is performed in his vicinity (or immensely powerful magics miles away), dark or supernatural creatures, and perform a vast host of personal magic. Everything from makign a broom sweep on its own and changing his clothes with a snap of his fingers all the way to making a tornado of fire.

Personal Magic
The kind of magic that dwells in every living person. some of sparks, others have embers, but few have infernos. Khalid is one of the few. He can perform easy slight of hand, read minds, use small amounts of telekinetic force, and fly.

Dimensional Magic
As Doctor Fate, Khalid can truly perform god-like magical feats by calling on the full power of Nabu, other Lords of Order, and the Egyptian Pantheon. While this magic is extremely dangerous and impossibly hard to control. This includes feats such as magic on a planetary scale, mass mind control, worldwide barriers, banishing of otherworldly monsters, and reality warping (forbidden 99 percent of the time.).

Universal Magic
The magic that is most commonly seen and measures the true worth of a sorcerer. Both as Khalid and Doctor Fate, he can make magic energy beams, blasts, constructs, etc. that often take the place of ankhs or other Egyptian artifacts. He can control -all- of the elements based on his whims and preferance and can perform extraordinary feats such as time travel (99.99999 percent forbidden), dimensional travel, teleportation, illusions, phasing, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, energy platforms, etc.

Sofia Strange
Soulmate, Mahbub(Egyptian for Beloved), and Wife: The other half of Khalid's soul. The intensity and beauty of their love is such that it cannot be put into words easily. She is his world, his heart, his whole being. The only constant in his life where he knows he could trust her for anything and vice versa. the only person alive who knows all his secrets….for her, he would move heaven and hell.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Dark Magic In The Middle Of The Night Tue Feb 20 22:55:59 2018 PG-13 (For Language) Sophie (Fox), Khalid Ben-Hassin (Doctor Fate) Jean Grey (Phoenix) Sofia Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) At two am, dark magic brings together Fox, Phoenix, Doctor Fate and Sorcerer Supreme. When the chaos is contained; Jean, Khalid and Sofia sit down to have a long talk. With less than satisfactory results and leaving the sorcerers more than a little worried about Jean.

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