Karen Starr (Divine)

Played By: Alyssa Loughran
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Quote: "As long as I can juggle semi-trucks and leap over buildings, I'm fine."
Position: Project Cadmus Operative
Inspiration: DC
Rating: NC-17

Public: Divine is a mysterious villainess who has been involved in a variety of thefts and assaults on various secure facilities, often stealing advanced technology and scientific advances then vanishing into the night.

Secret: Divine is a clone of Superwoman from a sample taken years ago, and has grown up in the care of Project Cadmus. Cadmus has trained her as one of their most secret operatives as a weapon to be used against the world's heroes if they should even prove a threat, and have tasked her to gather weapons that could be used against various heroes should they ever go bad.

Super Strength
As a Kryptonian, Karen's strength is augmented by yellow solar radiation interacting with her alien physiology to incredibly increase the efficiency and density of her musculature. Her strength is more an act of conscious will on her environment, using this energy to affect her surroundings than actual physical strength. This enables her to perform physical feats that are beyond mere application of force, such as moving a mountain top as one piece without said rock crumbling under its own mass, or holding up a falling building without it breaking in half. The upper limits of her strength allow her to bend or break all but the most durable of materials. Her strength is measured in billions of tons she can lift, to the point where she could conceivably move a planet out of its orbit if fully charged with yellow sun radiation (on the order for 5 sextillian tons of weight), or even to shatter a moon, according to virtual reality testing while at Cadmus.

Super Senses
All of Karen's physical senses are superhuman in sensitivity and perception. Visually, she can see at both telescopic distances or microscopic distances, depending how she focuses, as well as perceiving most of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond light, such as radio transmissions, cell transmissions, radar, infrared or ultraviolet light, or even the bio-electric field that surrounds all living creatures. This allows her to see fairly well even in darkness, and to be able to avoid detection by radar and satellite imagery. This ability to perceive additional energy wavelengths gives her her X-ray vision, which allows her to see through most solid objects not blocked by a layer of lead or ultra-dense materials (though she does not actually emit X-rays to do it). She can literally visually peel back 'layers' of an object to examine its inner workings or to spot hidden images. In terms of her hearing, Karen can perceive any sound at any pitch or volume, though she has learned to mentally block out the background noise around her in order to function. She can use this ability to focus on specific sounds, like particular voices, heartbeats, or even her name. In addition, Karen's sense of smell is comparative to a bloodhound, allowing her to track by scent, or to pick out particular scents such as explosives in a bomb or particular perfumes.

Karen is able to use the solar energy stored in her body to manipulate gravitons and alter gravity around himself, either to hover at any angle or to fly at speeds capable of getting anywhere in the world in minutes. Because she is manipulating gravitons to fly, she has incredible control of her flight, allowing her to make impossibly tight turns or instant stops effortlessly. In space, where friction is not an issue, she can go even faster, exceeding the speed of light and allowing her to realistically travel across interstellar distances, such as traveling from the Sun to the Earth in seconds. However, she must inhale deeply and holds her breath while in space to sustain herself.

Solar Energy Absorption
Karen's Kryptonian physiology and powers come from her ability to absorb and store the solar radiation of a yellow star, such as Earth's Sun, or from more intense solar radiation, such as that from blue stars. She is in essence a living solar battery that metabolizes the energy she takes in into a series of alien organs that have no human analogue, as well as throughout her body's cells. By storing the energy this way, she can continue to draw on her energy serves for a time in the absence of yellow sun radiation, causing her powers to fade over time rather than immediately causing all her powers to fail. Using her powers at high levels drains her reserves at a much quicker pace than normal use. Red sun radiation, however, disrupts this storage, weakening her much more quickly than normal, to where she becomes the equivalent of a normal human woman of her age and physical fitness.

When injured, Karen is capable of healing her injuries at an accelerated rate with sufficient yellow sun radiation to power her body. Minor injuries heal in seconds, with heavier injuries such as bruises, deep cuts, or sprains vanish in minutes. Serious injuries, such as broken bones, damaged organs, or concussions, can take hours to heal. Unlike a human, Karen's body does not scar when healing. However, Karen must be exposed to sunlight while healing, or the speed will slow to normal human levels. Because her cells are constantly regenerating in this fashion, it effectively halts damage to cells caused by age, greatly extending her lifespan if not making her functionally immortal.

Super Stamina
Thank to being powered by the solar energy asorbed into her cells, Karen can sustain strenuous physical activity for an indefinite amount of time, as long as she's able to replenish her energy through exposure to sunlight. However, she still needs to eat, drink, and sleep due to both physiological and psychological need. This includes being able to hold her breath for days at a time, as her body can convert solar energy direct into energy for her cells rather than needing oxygen for her cells.

Super Speed
As a Kryptonian, Karen's strength is augmented by yellow solar radiation interacting with her alien physiology to incredibly increase the efficiency and flexibility of her musculature. This allows her to put on bursts of speed that allow her to move, react, run and fly faster than the human eye can perceive. At her top speeds when fully charged, she's able to exceed the speed of light, allowing her to realistically fly between the Sun and the Earth in seconds, or even to travel between solar systems if needed.

Super Speed
As a Kryptonian, Karen's strength is augmented by yellow solar radiation interacting with her alien physiology to incredibly increase the efficiency and flexibility of her musculature. This allows her to put on bursts of speed that allow her to move, react, run and fly faster than the human eye can perceive. At her top speeds when fully charged, she's able to exceed the speed of light, allowing her to realistically fly between the Sun and the Earth in seconds, or even to travel between solar systems if needed.

Heat Vision
Karen can emit intense beams of solar energy from her eyes, capable of melting through most materials. She can vary the intensity and area of her heat vision. She has been intensely trained in the use of this ability, and can accurate target even multiple small, fast objects with quick, intense bursts of heat, enough that she can use them defensively against incoming projectiles or offensively against multiple targets. This power draws on the stored solar energy in her body, meaning she prefers using short bursts to extended use to avoid draining her reserves too far.

Karen's Kryptonian physiology renders her almost completely immune to all harm, whether it be from extreme energy forces, toxins, poisons, or diseases. This is due to the yellow sun radiation contained in her body infusing her cells with superhuman molecular density, enhancing the strong bonds between her body's cells so they cannot be separated. This invulnerability is further enhanced by her body's bio-electric field, allowing her to shield others with her body, taking hits that would otherwise wash past him to strike those he protects. However, if the solar energy in her body is drained in a prolonged fight without being replenished (as it is automatically when she's in sunlight), she will gradually begin taking more and more damage. Truly powerful opponents comparative to her own strength can also strike her with enough force to overcome her invulnerability. Kryptonite also greatly weakens her invulnerabiltiy, to where her skin can be pierced or her bones broken, in addition to the kryptonite poisoning weakening her body overall. Since it violates physical laws, magic can also bypass her invulnerability somewhat, though she still is much more durable than the average person.

Super Breath
Karen is able to inhale or exhale huge amounts of air or vapor at hurricane force, allowing her to accomplish feats like extinguishing fires over a large area or to move or send heavy objects flying. This ability also allows her to hold her breath for extended amounts of time, even weeks if needed, such as when traveling interstellar distances. Since she's immune to most poisonous vapors or gasses, she can use this ability to safely inhale the dangerous vapors to exhale them someplace safe, protecting people in the area. She can also make use of the principle of the Joule-Thompson effect, where highly compressed air released through a valve (or pursed lips in this case) radically drops in temperature, allowing her to freeze targets to subzero levels, or to form ice out of water vapor trapped in the air to encase a target.

Mental Speed
Karen's mind is capable of working at the speed of a supercomputer, which both allows her to process information quickly as well as to react effectively when using her super speed. Part of her genius is her ability to rapidly process multiple ideas for a problem in seconds to arrive at an answer. This ability is also why she effectively seems to learn so quickly, as she can explore her thoughts on new ideas rapidly to work out the correct answers and memorize them.

Alien Physiology
While Karen looks human, her physiology is Kryptonian, and genetically tweaked for perfection as well. In addition to her native ability to absorb solar energy to empower her abilities, her body contains additional non-human organs, and does not necessarily react to environmental factors like biological agents or toxins as a human would, if she isn't outright immune to them to begin with. A sufficiently invasive scan of her will show her to be alien in origin.

Project Cadmus
Divine was created by Project Cadmus to be a controllable Kryptonian who would be condition and brainwashed into following the authority, as a possible replacement for Superwoman. Originally only a clone (KAR-3N*) with a codename, Divine, they have found it increasingly difficult to keep Divine isolated from the world given her natural curiosity and quick mind.

Divine was created from Superwoman's genetic material, and is now aware she is a clone of Kara, whom she considers her nemesis, someone to prove herself superior to in training and purpose, though she's only clashed briefly with her as of yet. Due to an unknown genetic quirk, Karen shares dreams with Kara at night sometimes.

Superboy is another clone created by Project CADMUS, though Divine has only recently become aware of him when Superwoman broke him out of a Cadmus research facility. She feels conflicted about his existence, feeling like it might be best if he was just dumped on a farm somewhere to live a normal life if he's not going to be part of Cadmus.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Rubies and Vaults November 30th, 2017 PG-13 for Language and Violence Divine, Sev, Jean Grey, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Wanda Maximoff A group of high-tech bank robbers called the Cowl Kids try to rob Hometown Bank in Queens, with a surprise mercenary villain as their backup, but are foiled by a group of heroes - Exo-Girl, Jean Grey, the Scarlet Witch, Spider Man, and Spider Woman.
A Bloody Night Part 1 December 15, 2017 PG-13 for Blood and Language Divine, Sophie Divine is sent by CADMUS to support a DEO operation gone bad, and encounters the only survivor, Sophie.
A Bloody Night Part 2 December 15, 2017 PG-13 for Blood and Language Divine, Linda Danvers, Sophie Superwoman, alerted by possible of evidence, deploys to Florida to intercept, but instead meets a badly wounded DEO trooper named Snakebite.
The Grace in Divine Meetings December 20, 2017 PG-13 for Language Grace Choi, Divine Divine runs into Grace Choi on her way home, and the two end up chatting while Grace walks home.
Enter the Superboy Decemter 24, 2017 PG for Violence and Some Strong Language Divine, Superwoman, Superboy Superwoman, continuing her investigation into the people she believes to have created her 'sister', Divine, penetrates a Cadmus research facility, where she discovers a second clone, this one a young man. Both are confronted, at least, by Divine directly, pitting sister against brother and sister both.
A Question of Freedom December 25, 2017 (early morning) PG-13 Strong Languages Divine, Snakebite Sophie (Snakebite) meets up for a promised drink with Divine, and discusses the different between having a duty and following orders…and being an agent and being an asset.
Sister Texts 1 2017-12-27 PG Superwoman, Divine Following About Your Sister, Kara uses the number she was given, and reaches out to Divine.
Forbidden Burritos December 29, 2017 PG-13 for Mild Language Divine America Chavez Divine slips off base to meet with American Chavez after being invited out for the best burritos in town…and finds herself questioning her worldview, and what she wants, in more ways than one.
Libera Me a Malo January 6, 2018 PG Karen Starr (Divine), America Chavez (Ms. America) Divine works up the courage to tell America the truth…but unfriendly ears are listening.
Texts from the Lost January 7, 2018 PG Divine, Linda Danvers (Superwoman) Karen and Kara continue their texting conversations as Kara tries to convince Karen to open up to her.
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