Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Played By: Aya Cash
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Position: Molder of Minds
Affiliations: X-Men
Inspiration: Marvel
Rating: NC-17

Public: Jean Grey is a boarding school graduate who attended ESU, went on to become a private school teacher, and was pronounced dead of undisclosed causes in March of 2016.

As of Fall 2017, however, she's inexplicably begun to reemerge in the NYC and Westchester regions.

Secret: Marvel Girl had been a member of the X-Men since its earliest days. Alongside her teammates, she has fought fiercely to protect human and mutant kind alike while still making time to teach the next generation of mutants, all to further her mentor's dream of peaceful co-existence between the two species by serving as a shining example of mutanity. Her dedication to the cause and her loved ones is such that in 2016, she sacrificed herself during a mission to Enceladus to protect mutantkind from the burgeoning threat of a machine commune manifesting just enough self-awareness to evolve their mutant-hunting programming into a cultural imperative.

A year and a half later, she returned home with fiery new powers and a new heroic identity to suit them: Phoenix.

As part of her broad psychic talents, Jean is an empath capable of perceiving and manipulating the emotions and sensations of others, as well as broadcasting her own. Although she is practiced enough not to involuntarily do these things for the most part, intensely felt emotions in her surroundings - particularly within a city block or so of her - are likely to be picked up if she doesn't make a concentrated effort to block them out.

Jean possesses the potential for Omega-level telepathy, but has has yet to completely grow into her potential due in no small part to blocks installed in her psyche by Charles Xavier when she was a child. Even then, thanks to years of training in the fundamentals of her abilities, she is capable of performing standard telepathic feats such as communication, psychic detection, illusion-casting, astral projection, mind-reading, psychic camouflage, mind control, launching psychic assaults, and erecting psychic shields over vast ranges, with communication and astral combat being her specialties. She can manipulate multiple minds simultaneously if they're within about a city block of her, and detect them out to about a mile.

Jean is capable of psychokinetically projecting force and manipulating matter, both in large quantities and in minute detail. She can manipulate up to fifty tons of mass and strike with similar levels of force without significant strain, but past 25 tons, her fine control suffers. She can also shield herself and others from attacks; disassemble devices and structures down to the bolts; and propel herself and others in flight. The use of these abilities is dependant on concentration, willpower, and fatigue. Just activating and maintaining them is physically.

Phoenix Force
A phenomenally powerful cosmic entity - the Phoenix Force, burning embodiment of passion and life - resides within Jean, amplifying her natural gifts many times over— but only on its terms. Under normal circumstances, this connection allows her to perform a couple of molecular-level tricks with her telekinesis: starting fires and transforming street clothes into her X-Men uniform.

In periods when the Phoenix is able to assume more direct control of Jean, the entity is able to push her powers to their fullest potential and beyond. She is able to psychokinetically alter matter on a subatomic level, manipulate electromagnetic energies, survive hostile environments like deep space, and extend her sense of touch through objects that she's controlling. Her telepathy expands to the point of being able to barrel through most psychic protections with sheer force and manipulate numerous minds miles away from her, as if connected to a device like Cerebro. Finally - perhaps obviously - she's capable of creating 'cosmic fire' hot enough to melt vanadium steel, even in wet or anaerobic conditions.

While the Phoenix entity expands Jean's capabilities greatly, it doesn't actually render her body much more capable of channeling that level of power than she naturally might be; only steady training could do that. Accessing these expanded capabilities is intensely tiring, to the point of leaving her exhausted or unconscious after a few minutes of use. Once this occurs, the Phoenix cedes control, leaving Jean to recover.

Jean is able to generate heat and fire by psychokinetically stimulating matter on a molecular level and exert a degree of control existing flames due to a soul-level connection to a cosmic embodiment of fire. She can project flames out to about 15 feet of herself or raise the temperature of objects within 30 feet of herself; either way, she can generate or control flames with temperatures of up to around 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, but needs time to ramp up to that point.

Psychic Shields
Jean is a powerful and experienced enough telepath to protect herself from most mental intrusions. A similarly(or more) skillful, or especially powerful telepath is plenty capable of breaking through her defenses, though, particularly if they're able to dedicate some time to peeling them back.

Ororo Munroe
My beautiful, serene oasis in a harsh and chaotic world. One of my closest friends, until we realized we could maybe be something else; wherever this second life ends up taking me - however long it lasts - I don't want it to end before we've gotten to explore that new dimension in full.

Wanda Maximoff
My formerly Evil sister from a mysterious other mister. Patient and kind despite being able to bend reality around her gesturing fingers; exactly the kind of best friend every girl needs!

Professor Xavier
My favorite teacher. Saved me from myself when I was a child and set me on the path to being the woman I am today.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Everybody Hates Logan March 10th, 2018 PG-13 (Language) Logan, Jean Grey Logan gets an opportunity to confront the close friend who's been avoiding him since her second birth.
Mr. Nice Dude March 11th, 2018 (IC: November 16th, 2017) PG-13 (Language) Jean Grey, Dick Grayson Days removed from a fiery return to life, Jean Grey seeks shelter in Richard Grayson's suite by any means.
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