Haven Mackenzie (Mack)

Played By: Katheryn Winnick (young)
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Quote: "Shut up and let me fix you."
Position: Consultant to Stark Enterprises
Inspiration: Marvel
Rating: NC-17
Note: Haven MacKenzie doesn't look like anyone out of the ordinary. She could be that girl in the picture that comes in your photo frame from the store. If you take a closer look, you'll maybe see the dog tags, or the way she watches all the exits. She's got Brooklyn in her voice, when she's not taking care to enunciate, but she can sound every inch a classy lady when she does. She's the girl next door, and the girl in the pictures on the gossip pages. It all depends where and how you find her, but if you're lucky, she's the one who will find you when you're hurt.

Mother and Father currently live in Brooklyn, younger brother is in a PhD program across the country. Was in the Army, but what exactly she did gets a little more murky and hard to parse out from there. She seems to have spent most of her years of service nominally based out of a base in Germany.

Haven does not have a secret identity, exactly, but her work for the military is almost all classified. She worked with special ops teams, and was on lend to joint team ops more than once, and occasionally to the Navy, etc. She's spent most of her time overseas, out of country.

Haven can sense things about the bodies in the people around her. Blood pressure levels, recent or current injuries, if blood flow is slow, sluggish, or blocked. She can read information on a person's general health, pinched nerves,broken bones, etc. The distance between her and the target affects the speed of her healing ability. Through the laying on of hands, Haven can cause the surface of a wound to knit together, though should she have to do this in an emergency situation, it can result in the twisting of scar tissue. She can heal a bullet wound (non-lethal, obviously) in a matter of a few minutes, if she can lay on hands and focus strictly on that one individual and that one wound. The bigger the wound, the harder it is, and too many leave her limited in how much healing she can do at one time. When she can not lay on of hands, she can still accelerate the healing, and keep a target in much better condition than without her help. The more she lays on of hands, the more of her own energy or vitality she burns, and the more quickly she will tire out. Haven's powers, the ability to scan and sense another's biometrics, makes people easier to remember by that, than by faces, and it is harder for her to be tricked by illusions or metamorphs.

While Haven can not see broken or cracked bones clearly like one would on an X-ray, she can sense or'see' some damage has been done to it, and with her medical training, go from there to try and define just how bad the damage is. Same goes for dislocations, snapped or strained ligaments, tendons, etc. This is how she can sense injuries, as though the heartbeat is the sweeping arm of a radar unit over the body.

Adrenaline Push
Haven has the ability to 'lean' on the adrenal gland for a fraction of a second, to release the powerful chemical into the body's system, in order to help a patient's heart, or keep them moving if she's trying to help someone without any assistance. Of course, if she leans too long, the body will suffer under the stress of the chemical, and can cause more harm than good, even death.

Body/Brain Chemicals
Haven has the ability to raise levels of chemicals in the body: Serotonin (It's a factor in clotting, helping digestion, as well as helping a feeling of well-being), melatonin (Helpful for putting someone to sleep and mellowing them out), as well as Norepinephrine (which is related to fight or flight response to stress, and can be used to stay alert) and Epinephrine.

B.P. Interference
Haven can help raise or lower a person's blood pressure, in order to try and keep someone stabilized. Doing so for any serious length of time, however, is heavily taxing, and if she is forced to do so for too long, it can play havoc with her own self of sense and her own blood pressure.

Fluid Separation
Haven has a limited ability to separate levels of the circulatory system and components of blood. Example: Encouraging platelets to a wound to cause it to clot more quickly, or to encourage white blood cells to concentrate in the area where she senses infection. Of course, she could also do this in reverse, and cause someone to not clot and keep bleeding. She can control blood as a whole more effectively, pulling it away or pushing it towards an area, in accordance with her desired result.

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Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Stormwatch Recruitment: Haven 2017-01-12 PG-13 (Language!) Steve Rogers, Haven Summary
Steve and the Steak Dinner 2018-01-15 PG-13 for some adult product references Steve Rogers, Haven // Steve and Haven do dinner
The Wounded Healer Mon Jan 29 21:03:12 2018 Haven Barbara Barbara offers Haven a job and one of her best guarded secrets.
Legacy of War: Part I 16 February 2018 PG-13 for violence Steve Rogers (Captain America), Haven MacKenzie, Duncan Reynolds, Eve Llowe, Sebastion Gilberti Captain America leads a crack team of SHIELD agents to recover Nazi serum from a bunker in rural Norway.
Under The Sea! Mon Feb 19 17:53:41 2018 PG (Some Swearing) Duncan Reynolds Haven Mackenzie Aspen Matthews (Fathom) Duncan and Haven discover a bit more than they were expecting during their afternoon dive. Like the Queen of Poseidonis and a glimpse of the city itself before getting a custom ride back to shore.
Healer Walks the Heart of Harlem 2018-03-03 PG Mack, Tigger Mack makes her way into Mutant Town following the incident there, looking to help heal the injured and gather more information for SHIELD. She runs into the homeless, and the mysterious Tiger of Mutant Town.
Expo: Opening Ceremonies 2018-03-11 PG Linda Danvers, Tony Stark, Haven MacKenzie, Domnique Thiebeat], Erid Irons, Dani Masters, Drogo, Riri Williams A combination of science and technology luminaries and other interested parties gather for the opening ceremonies of the StarTech Science and Technology Expo in Metropolis.<br/><br/>This is the beginning of the week-long Expo storyline.//

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