Grace Choi

Played By: Samantha Jo
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Quote: "I'm fine! Just tell me that there isn't some ^@$#@-up, whacked-out,magical bu ll#$@* rule that says I can't pull his intestines out through his throat and wear it as a bra! Tell me I can go hiroshima on his pickled ass!"
Position: Bouncer
Inspiration: DC
Rating: NC-17

Public: Grace Choi is a bartender at Chaney's, a metahuman friendly bar. Grace keeps the peace, and when one is doing that with metas there's a clear idea she can handle herself around them, and with them. She also has little trouble speaking her mind, whenever, and wherever she wants, and tends to live life on her own terms and damn the consequences. Grace is very, very strong.

Secret: Grace is an Amazon, specifically a Bana-Amazon, who'd broken off from the Themyscarians many, many years ago. She knows she is one, but almost nobody else knows. It's one of the few things she keeps private.

Accelerated Healing
Grace will recover from wounds far more quickly than most. She will not regenerate on the spot, or heal massive wounds in hours or a day. But a severe or critical wound that might take a normal person several weeks, or months with proper pysical care to heal she might heal within a few days, or a week or so by herself.

Superhuman Durability
Grace can take a pretty good beating, and keep on ticking. She's been burned alive before, and kept fighting with half her body smoldering. Her body is exceptionally dense and her bone structure capable of supporting her feats of strength, so it stands to reason she can take a pretty big punishment, too, especially from blunt trauma (fists, baseball bats, etc…).

She can still bleed, still get wounded, however. Bullets will still penetrate and hurt, but depending on caliber they might not go as deep into her skin. Knives will still cut, but without enough force to drive them they won't go deep enough to do real harm without excessive cutting.

Superhuman Speed
Grace has above human reaction speed. She can run faster, move more quickly, than humans ought to be able to. She's not on Wonder Woman's level, or even Spider Man's, but she's still beyond what a normal human's reaction times and movement speeds can be.

Superhuman Stamina
Grace can fight and exert her body well beyond normal human capacity due to her Amazonian bloodline. She does not tire quickly, but this is not an everlasting supply. She can and will tire out eventually, just not nearly as quickly as a normal person would.

Superhuman Strength
Grace possesses superhuman strength and is capable of lifting or affecting around 100 tons. With some assistance (regarding density) she is able to perform feats up to catching a crashing fighter aircraft and saving the plane and pilots inside. While she has the strength to actually catch the plane itself (or lift it), she doesn't quite have the power to negate the force of the jet traveling at full velocity by herself.

Character Name

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Christmas Eve Tigger 2018-01-11 PG Hunter, Grace Choi The tiger comes to find Grace, playful in the snow. Then Grace finally meets Hunter.
Punching the Clock with Grace Thu Mar 15 20:13:57 2018 R Grace Choi Delta Betsy Braddock Grace Choi is hired to oversee the unloading of some cargo at Fort Hob's, only to come under attack by AIM soldiers hoping to steal the tech inside. Luckily, she is aided by Betsy Braddock, and Delta…or is she?
Start of a Punchworthy Friendship Sat Mar 17 10:39:01 2018 Vanya Grace Choi Grace is looking for Klavdiya, and winds up encountering Vanya for the first time instead. The two kind of hit it off.

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