Played By: Alexis Bledel
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Quote: "Predict the future? I wish. No one really knows all the variables. The universe lives to make fools of anyone stupid enough to call themselves an 'analyst'."
Position: SHIELD Agent
Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Inspiration: Marvel/Not Applicable
Rating: NC-17
Note: Former FBI Analyst recruited by SHIELD when it became clear her impressive clear rate was due to some unusual powers she appears to possess. Eve is incredibly perceptive, an ability she puts to use in a myriad of unusual ways. Saving the world is a new one, though.

Eve is a graduate of Syracuse University and a former FBI Agent recently recruited into the SHIELD program.

Eve has no secret identity. She's a SHIELD Agent, which is like being a CIA or FBI Agent so far as she is concerned. Not something to hide.

Predictive Analysis
Evelyn's ability to process situations and intuit facts is almost unparalleled. She can evaluate a crime scene - or nearly any other situation - in moments, utilizing whatever information is available to come up with the most probable causes or effects. Small details rarely escape her notice. As a result, Eve solves crimes very quickly and with little error. She does, however, need information for this to function. She has to actually collect the evidence; the more information the closer to certainty she can be. This ability provides the ability to predict ambushes and exploit patterns in opponents' attacks during combat. She can evade and strike with great facility as a result, giving her the ability to stand up against more powerful opponents - or at least survive. It's no replacement for physical strength, however. A side benefit of this ability is that she is amazing at projecting trajectories and calculating velocity, something which makes her a fantastic shot - even with unconventional weapons.

Cool, collected. Dangerous. My first brush with the supernatural and now also… ||

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Legacy of War: Part I 16 February 2018 PG-13 for violence Steve Rogers (Captain America), Haven MacKenzie, Duncan Reynolds, Eve Llowe, Sebastion Gilberti Captain America leads a crack team of SHIELD agents to recover Nazi serum from a bunker in rural Norway.

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