Duncan Reynolds

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Position: Agent of SHIELD
Affiliations: Groups
Inspiration: Marvel, Esepcially the Late 80s Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD series.
Rating: R

Public: There would be a fairly large amount of information about Duncan available. To the general populace there would be his high school records which would show him to be an average at best student, and his enlistment into the Navy after graduation is well known and document, anyone with access to the military records would find that he had an exemplary service record and was honorably discharged. His current employment with SHIELD would be handled in the same way any information about any other new agent would be. He does have a Facebook page but does not maintain much of a social media presence.

Secret: No alter-ego.

Duncan has no Powers.

Character Name

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Legacy of War: Part I 16 February 2018 PG-13 for violence Steve Rogers (Captain America), Haven MacKenzie, Duncan Reynolds, Eve Llowe, Sebastion Gilberti Captain America leads a crack team of SHIELD agents to recover Nazi serum from a bunker in rural Norway.
Under The Sea! Mon Feb 19 17:53:41 2018 PG (Some Swearing) Duncan Reynolds Haven Mackenzie Aspen Matthews (Fathom) Duncan and Haven discover a bit more than they were expecting during their afternoon dive. Like the Queen of Poseidonis and a glimpse of the city itself before getting a custom ride back to shore.

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