Donna Troy (Troia)

Played By: Olivia Wilde
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Position: Guardian of the Universe Orb
Inspiration: DC
Rating: NC-17

Public: Donna Tory is an exceptionally well known photographer who has had her pictures featured in magazines across the globe. She's done work for Natural Geographic, Discovery and more. She's also known to do the occasional modeling or celebrity shoot and in those cases, she's got the reputation for being warm and easy toward with. Oh, there's the whole, sister of Wonder Woman thing.

Donna Troy's alter ego is known as Troia. She's thought to be an Amazon like Wonder Woman. Little is known about her aside that she shares many of Wonder Woman's powers but unlike Wonder Woman, she has chosen to wear a mask. Oh, and her hair sparkles. Literally. So does the black suit. Like there's tiny stars held within both.

The Titans of Myth also bestowed upon Donna agility that allows her to do amazing feats, putting her level far above and beyond that of even the most exceptional Olympic athlete.

When all her memories returned to her, the ability to communicate with animals is one of the powers that was unlocked to Donna. Her reach is a 10 mile radius with her as ground zero. Not only can she communicate with them, she is able to feel their emotions and tame even the most wild of them.

Like her control of Darkness, the power to control Atmospheric Cold is one she hasn't used since her time as a Goddess when she got it. The extent of this power is at a level that were it heat based instead, it would be equal to that of the Earth's core.

An ability obtained and carried over from her time as the Goddess of the Moon, Donna has the power to command darkness. The maximum limit of this ability is being able turn a sunny day very hazy and dark without ever obtaining true 'night' effect. While it's an ability she still has, she hasn't used it since her time as a Goddess.

An ability that returned to her with her memories, Donna can read the emotions of others. This power also makes most forms of mind control impossible to use on her.

Energy Generation
One of the powers unlocked to her when she regained the memories of all her lives, Donna can manipulate photonic energy to fire off offensive blasts from her hands and-or form a force field around her and several others in defense. She can even create realistic looking 3-D images out of it.

Through mystical means or telekinesis, Donna can fly at supersonic speeds within the atmosphere and, while is space, can easily reach escape velocities. Like most of her abilities, this too is one granted to her by the Titans of Myth.

The speed with which Donna heals from wounds is incredible really. Superhuman. It takes only seconds or minutes for her to heal normal injuries. She's also immune to disease, poisons and toxins.

An ability she regained with her memories, Donna is able to perfectly match pitch and tone of anyone's voice after hearing it. So perfectly do they match that it's impossible to tell the difference between her and who the voice truly belongs to.

Between the power boost of her memories unlocked as well as this being a gift from the Titans of Myth, Donna has reflexes that surpass that of some of Earth's greatest heroes and puts her on an even level with it's fastest.

As one of their Titan Seeds, Donna was given the gift of heightened senses. All five of them can be used, at any given moment, at a superhuman level equal to that of some of Earth's best heroes.

Her ability to move faster than the speed of light, faster than the human eye can track at supersonic speeds on land is just one more of the abilities she was granted from the Titans of Myth. This speed also applies to how quickly she is able to process things mentally.

Another gift of the Titans from New Cronus, Donna can last for many many hours even under extreme exertion.

Originally a gift from the Titans of Myth, Donna strength since the return of her memories has increased exponentially, making her able to now lift over 100 tons easily.

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