Played By: Summer Glau
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Position: Minion
Inspiration: The Dire Saga
Rating: NC-17
Note: Delta's origin is a long and complex story involving time travel, warring supervillains, and a military coup. To put it simply, Delta is an AI created by budding from Alpha, another AI created by Dire's future self in an alternate timeline, and sent back to assist her in keeping said timeline from coming to pass. Given a body, Delta and her brothers and sisters became indispensable, and assist Dire in her plans of conquest and world saving. And also soaking in geek culture, since like her 'mom', Delta is a massive nerd.

Public Identity:
Delta is a somewhat mysterious woman in what appears to be black power armor, with integrated weapons and flight capability. She usually works for Doctor Dire, but occasionally seems to go out on missions of her own.

Secret Identity:
Dani Masters is a tech at Erid Industries, and sometime assistant to the owner, Erid Irons. She has an active social media presence, enjoys video games and various other geeky pursuits, and is quite possibly a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

Android Body
While outwardly visually identical to a normal human, Delta's body is anything but. Her skin and flesh are artificially grown, feeding off the heat of her internal systems, capable of slowly regenerating as long as some remains on her body. Don't ask how it works, even her creator doesn't know. The original sample and data had apparently been worth a rather significant 'favor' at a future date. Underneath, Delta's skeleton is a complex alloy of titanium, coltan, and a blend of other metals, intended to resist heat generated by her subsystems while providing a blend of durability and lightness. Combining this strength with her actuators being more efficient than muscle, Delta is able to lift up to half a ton. Even with strenuous activity, her nuclear power cell is rated to last at least fifty years, and as an android, sleep and fatigue are not issues other than mentally. She can also power armor or other external gadgets with her internal supply through induction. Finally, her inorganic components are also capable of limited self repair, able to fix anything other than gross structural damage over the course of several days.

Digital Senses
What's the point in cybernetic eyes if you can't make them better than organic ones? For optimum minion-ing, Dire built several enhanced vision modes into Delta, including light amplification, Ultraviolet, Infrared, and what the mad scientist had coined 'voltaic vision', which allows one to perceive electrical currents and fields. In addition to these actual vision modes, Delta is equipped with millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic mapping to allow for vision even in a total absence of light.

Artificial Intelligence
Delta may have started off as something like a chatbot, but by now, you'd have a hard time telling her from any other person. That is, as long as she's in her body. Delta can 'inhabit' sufficiently advanced hardware, like the main server at Dire's lair, or the primary chip in her skull. By regularly backing herself up and syncing between the lair copy and herself, she's protected in case of destruction, while still able to access the net and remote control other equipment and drones.

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Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Her Arrival is DIRE! January 6, 2018 PG-13 for Violence and Language Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo), Delta, Wally West (The Flash), Dire, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) Hawkeye, Voodoo, and the Flash respond to gangers who have stolen an alien weapons shipment being sent to a SHIELD storage facility…but the battle is interrupted by the unexpected interdimensional wormwhole arrival of Doctor Dire and Delta.
Perfectly Normal Human Coffee 12/17/17 PG (Language) Daisy Johnson, Delta // A SHIELD Agent and a Totally Normal PA get coffee after a rather… interesting night.
Time to Regroup January 10, 2018 PG-13 Dire, Delta Dire and Delta find a place to lie low after their unexpected arrival in this universe.//

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