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Position: The Queen's Blade
Affiliations: Magic
Inspiration: WARP Graphics: ElfQuest
Rating: R

On Earth, Darkedge is unknown, but may be seen as a mutant or a meta before seen as an elf. On Avalon, Darkedge is the Queen's Blade, a lethal and unforgiven enforcer of the Queen's Will and Law. He is an assassin, able to move through shadows effortlessly.

Darkedge came into the Queen of Avalon's service when he was young, having been drugged before her for petty theft. He earned her trust and his way into her service.

Gemstone Control
Rocks with crystalline structures obey Darkedge's will. He can move the gems along their facetlines, morphing them into shapes of his choosing. The shapes are limited by the stone's crystalline structure, and the more malleable the crystal's structure the harder it is for him to control it. Quartz, silicates, and diamond are among the easier crystals for Darkedge to work with.

Like other members of his race, Darkedge is blessed with inhuman grace, flexibility, and agility. It is almost feline, the way he can balance on narrow surfaces and land on his feet from even the most awkward of leaps.

Magic Sense
A creature of magic, Darkedge has the racial ability to sense magic in the area. He can sense when it is actively in use and get the smell of it in an area after the caster is gone. With concentration, there is a chance he can match the feel of the magic with other types he's encountered before. To Darkedge, magic lingers in the air like a perfume.

Shadow Step
Gifted that which would make him of better use to his Queen, Darkedge has been given the ability to slip from shadow to shadow, all but a shade himself. He can not control them. But he can walk among them as one of them. He can step into one shadow and emerge from another. Darkedge s limited to 15 miles of distance, and the shadows must be connected by other shadows. The deeper the shadow the easier it is, and can allow him to take others with him. The trip is cold. Faint shadows may not be strong enough to bear his weight and so can not be stepped through.

Like all of his type of elf, Darkedge is telepathic. He can maintain several mental conversations at once, without the thoughts bleeding into each other. He is also capable of projecting to a group or locking his mind's thoughts to a single person. The extreme of his mind's range is just under a quarter mile. Line of sight makes contact effortless. Using his telepathy, Darkedge can 'replay' parts of his memories to share with others. It is mentally taxing to do in increments that grow the older and more distance the memory being recalled is. He can not hear thoughts unless they are actively shared with him, likewise Darkedge can not sense emotions unless they are shared. Darkedge's main mode of communication is telepathy, and in the speech of the mind there cannot be lies. As such, Darkedge has never learned how to lie. He cannot. He can dance about a subject, speak around a topic, but he is incapable of out right lying.

Born to cave elves, Darkedge is able to see in the dark as any normal person would in broad daylight. He can distinguish color and texture, distances and angles.

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Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Two Hunters, One Prey 2018-03-11 PG-13 for cinematic violence The Darkedge, Voodoo Two rooftop-skulking dangerous figures converge on a group trying to make away with several items from a museum. Things get bloody.

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