Connor Kent (Superboy)

Played By: Robbie Amell
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Quote: "I did not ask to be created. But I will decide the time and circumstance of my termination."
Position: Wanderer, Hero
Inspiration: DC (Prime Earth)
Rating: NC-17

Public Identity
Very little is known about Superboy to the public. The only things known is that he is named Connor Kent and he likes loud motorcycles.

Secret Identity
Project Kr. a project and experiment created by Cadmus from Kryptonian DNA and that of a human for the purpose of using him as a weapon covertly, but to what Connor knows is to 'replace Superwoman (or Superman) should they perish, or kill them should they turn from the path of good.' Superboy's general existence is completely unknown to the general population, though rumor mills have been spotted depicting a young boy with a red version of the emblem that Superwoman wears on her chest doing some small superheroics.

Cloned Kryptonian Physiology
Kon-El is a male clone of Superwoman and possesses some of the traits of a Kryptonian, but the potential for all of them, which grants him a large assortment of powers so long as he is charged by a yellow sun.

Super Strength
Kon-El is incredibly…almost immeasurably strong. Even though he may have a general idea of how much he can lift, in truth, not even he knows his absolute limit. he is able to carry airplanes, punch through steel and titanium, lift cruise liners out of the water etc. As such, he's fully capable of trading blows with beings like other kryptonians and even the Hulk. the strength in his legs also allow him to be able to easily perform a super leap, allowing him to leap tall buildings and far bounds with as ingle jump. perfect for short distances. though his landing is often rough.

Super Senses
Superboy's senses are extremely enhanced, dwarfing those of the average human without difficulty. He can hear almost any wavelength, most infamously by tuning into certain sounds. he can hear someone from miles away -and- be able to differentiate the noise between different items or people or objects. his hearing is so tuned he can hear someone's heartbeat a city away. His sense of smell is superior to that of a bloodhounds, and can track a scent for miles at a time and never forget it.

Like the Superwoman, Superboy possesses Invulnerability and is nigh-indestructible. Although, thanks to this, he is able to rush headlong into battle overconfidently without a care in the world. He can take laser blasts, bombs, bullets, and while they hurt, they only serve to bounce off of him or to otherwise piss him off. He can still take concussive blows and be knocked unconscious, but it would take a beyond mighty blow, or a series of such, in order to truly take him down.

Infrared/X-Ray Vision
Due to his Kryptonian DNA, Kon-El possesses both Infrared and X-ray vision to increase his ability of sight tenfold. He can easily read heat signatures and can see through anything that isn't lead or lead-based. he can even see normally what people would need a microscope to see.

Super Speed
Due to his kryptonian DNA, superboy can move and percieve the world and himself at supersonic speeds at best.

Tactile Telekinesis
Kon-El was bestowed with full telekinetic and telepathic powers by Cadmus, and he can use these powers to move things with his mind, manipulate people (consent), repel and pull things to him with only his mind. This also gives him considerable resistance to telepathic assaults. Also, tactile telekinesis allows Kon-El to be able to create force fields and simulate other Kryptonian powers through concentration.

Simulated Flight
By creating a TK (tactile telekinesis) field around himself, Kon-El can propel himself through the air in a form of simulated flight. He can fly up to hypersonic speeds at his absolute best and is fully capable of flying in space.

Simulated Heat Vision
By rapidly vibrating the air molecules within his line of sight via his Tactile Telekinesis, Superboy can use heat vision that can easily melt through steel and titanium. It can be in a large or wide beam visibly to increase it's area of effect, or it can be invisible through minimal application for surgical precision.

Superboy, so long as he is continually charged and has enough reserves of yellow sunlight, is able to heal much faster than the average person, able to heal in a few days what would take people weeks to recover.

Linda Danvers/Superwoman
The Source DNA from which Superboy was created as Project Kr. He views Linda as his mother, despite her trying to be more like an elder sister. As it stands, she's been very supportive of him, despite being a clone. He's happy she doesn't find him repulsive.

Karen Starr/Divine
Another clone of Superwoman that Connor identifies as his sister. Given that she tried to put him back in a pod under "orders", he's not sure how he feels about her. He'd much rather hug her and eat ice cream, but as it stands she appears to be an enemy Connor doesn't want to have.//

Donna Troy/Troia
A woman that Connor had met very early in his new life. The two hit it off immediately and seem to be almost clones in personality. The two are often found to be tied, figuratively, at the hip and are extremely close. So close that they share a constant mental and empathic link….and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Enter the Superboy Decemter 24, 2017 PG for Violence and Some Strong Language Divine, Superwoman, Superboy Superwoman, continuing her investigation into the people she believes to have created her 'sister', Divine, penetrates a Cadmus research facility, where she discovers a second clone, this one a young man. Both are confronted, at least, by Divine directly, pitting sister against brother and sister both.
Logyn in Metropolis 2018/1/20 R (language and violence) Logyn and Superboy Logyn meets Superboy (in his civilian guise of Connor Kent) at a bar. A biker recognizes her from months back in Lebanon, Kansas, and a brawl ensues.

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