Barbara Gordon

Played By:
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Quote: "Sorry, the tapes aren't online. Grossly unfair to us cybervigilantes, if you ask me. I'm thinking of writing my congressman."
Position: Information Broker
Affiliations: Birds of Prey
Inspiration: Detective Comics
Rating: NC-17
Note: Paralyzed just over a year ago in a tragic home invasion Barbara Gordon shut herself off from the world. For months she hardly left home, determined to survive or fail entirely on her own.

Barbara is putting her plan to become Oracle into motion. Oracle is a ghost, with all the information she's ever gleaned from Batman or stolen from the police but no record. Regarded by many as little more than an internet legend there's nothing to trace the information jock's activities back to Barbara Gordon… Yet.

Recently Oracle has also taken on the mantle of White Queen of the Hellfire Club.

This character has no powers.

A close friend and one of the few who knows about Oracle.

If I could start again. A million miles away…

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
A Raptor Leaves the Nest Sun Jan 28 22:21:24 2018 PG Barbara Helena Bertinelli Helena and Barbara catch up. Babs finally goes forward with her carefully laid plans.
Through the Changing Ocean Tides Mon Jan 29 18:02:08 2018 PG Peter Quill Barbara A strange radio broadcast is sent and the Guardians of the Galaxy intercept it!
The Wounded Healer Mon Jan 29 21:03:12 2018 Haven Barbara Barbara offers Haven a job and one of her best guarded secrets.
A Modest Proposal Sat Feb 03 12:39:01 2018 Mary Marvel Barbara Black Mary comes to Oracle to make an unsual proposition.
To Catch a Spider Sat Feb 03 15:59:11 2018 PG Barbara Aesh In which Oracle acquires a new agent.
An Offer Difficult to Refuse 2018-02-07 PG Linda Danvers, Barbara Gordon Linda is always on the lookout for the best talent in the sciences and technology. She comes to visit Barbara Gordon to try to interest her in a mutually beneficial business arrangement.

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