Aspen Matthews (Fathom)

Played By: Arianny Celeste
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Quote: "You couldn't handle me even if I came with instructions."
"I am not a person you can put on speakerphone.""
Position: Sea, Water & Storm Goddess. Queen of Poseidonis.
Inspiration: Fathom Comics & Other
Rating: NC-17
Note: A Goddess, a Princess and a miracle, Aspen has achieved a lot in her years of life, including being known world wide as one of the best Marine Biologist and Oceanographers in the fields. She has wed Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and rules Poseidonis at his side. If she can't be found there, she may be in Manhattan. Maybe.

Public Identity: Aspen Matthews is known world wide as one of the best in her fields. Marine biology and oceanography. That she carries both of these in just her 20s shows her intelligence far more than she typically likes to broadcast. Of course, none of this is to say she doesn't occasionally act her age but it very rarely makes a splash when she does.

Secret Identity: While there's no secret identity to speak of, she does occasionally give the name 'Fathom' when asked if she's been caught 'heroing'. Aspen's biggest secret is, perhaps, her disqualification from the Olympics. Well… That and that she isn't even human. More like a Goddess who happens to be a Princess of two races and miracle. She's also the only one of her kind.

Energy Form
Because she’s a Black, Aspen can transform her body into that of pure energy. Like her water form, there is no need to breath in this form and water pressure doesn’t effect her. She's also neigh impossible to kill in this form. Her telepathy is at it’s strongest but if she’s caught, and unable to shift back, like all energy… it eventually dissipates. She heals quite rapidly from any injury in this form as well.

Water Form
As a Blue, Aspen has the ability to turn her body into water. Just as in her Energy Form, in this form, there’s no need for her to breath underwater, water pressure of even the deepest depths doesn’t effect her (nor does surfacing quickly), and she can move at incredible speeds. She’s also much harder to wound and much quicker to heal in this form. This form is highly susceptible to heat however.

Human Form
This is, perhaps, Aspen’s ‘weakest’ form. When human, she still has to breathe when underwater but has five times the lung capacity of even the best Olympic swimmer. She’s an expert swimmer but isn’t as fast in this form as she is in the other two though still fast enough to win the Olympics and then some. Her red-cell density is two times higher than a normal humans, there’s extra brain tissue which marks her as not -really- human and her bones are for more flexible, as if she were still growing despite the fact that she isn’t. However, while it might be her ‘weakest’, she isn’t weak. In fact, she’s in peak physical condition and easily stays that way.

It’s her heritage as a Black that gives Aspen her telepathy. In Energy form, there’s almost nowhere on that planet that’s out of her range. In Water form, she’s restricted to an area the size of North America and Canada combined. In human form, she’d be restricted to an area the size of the continental U.S. Of course, it’s mentally taxing and while she can sustain it for a few days if need be, she’ll be exhausted and spend at least a full day recovering through sleep afterwards. The only exception to this is if it’s a mind she knows intimately or if she’s touching someone. Either make it far easier for her and doesn’t drain her nearly as fast. This isn’t an ability Aspen uses often except with other Blacks, someone she cares for or in rare situations. Unless, of course, it comes to communicating with the creatures of the sea. Then it’s used quite regularly.

As a Black, Aspen not only has the ability to turn into pure energy but also shoot concussive blasts or beams of said energy from her hands, harnessing it as weapon.

Perhaps Aspen’s strongest ability, her control over water is all but unparalleled. Not only can she summon a tsunami without much of a though, control the ocean through storms or weave tiny tendrils of it as she sees fit, she can also form water into solid shapes or make it sturdy enough to be walked on. Because of her mixed bloodline and being the strongest of both races, there is very little she can’t do with water

The second weakest of Aspen’s powers is her ability to summon and control water based storms such as hurricanes, torrential downpours, mild summer showers, et cetera.

The weakest of Aspen’s powers and one that is still developing, her unique heritage gives her control over ice as well as water, allowing her to summon, move and shape it at will.

As a Blue and Black hybrid, Aspen is ‘blessed’ with an exceptional healing. There’s almost no one, even normally fatal ones, that she can’t heal from. Often, this is aided by submerging her in water, or her shifting into water, but it isn’t dependent upon it. At one point, her body was destroy but thanks to being in the ocean when it happened, she was able to remake it out of water and energy. She can also use water to help her heal even the most severe wounds on other so long as they are not fatal. She cannot heal the dead.

Aspen has finite control over all things liquid, to the point that, should she wish to, she could even reverse the course of someone’s blood while it still runs through their veins. Or pull it from them.

Arthur Curry/Orin II (Aquaman)
Soulmate, Husband and King: His now and always has been, in this life and all others, her heart and soul. There is no one she trust to share in every part of her life but him. He is her strength and her weakness. Her fear and her courage. He is everything she never knew she wanted or needed. There is no force, be it by air, on land or in the seas that is strong enough to keep her from his side.

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