Various Styles of Play

These represent the nature of RP as you the player would like to see happen with this character. More often than not, the character you have chosen is already predisposed towards certain types of RP anyway. There are three basic times and a number of others that often tie to one or more separate styles of play.

The primary three are as follows

  • True to Life: Normal humans (or largely normal) mostly doing basic things. Often tied with dramatic and social styles.
  • Street/Action: Either word can be used, depending on your basic area of interest. The focus is on more mundane enemies as well as enemies with limited powers. Greater focus on the limits of the heros or situations that are somewhat analogous to regular life. (Spiderman, Batman, or Some X-Men stories)
  • Epic: Grand storylines, massive foes and incredible odds where the heros seem unlikely to win but eventually triumph even if there are losses.

Further styles include

  • Adult: The physical side of intimacy. Not actively encouraged or discouraged here. Keep it out of public rooms.
  • Romantic: The emotional side of intimacy.
  • Dramatic: Deeply human issues, even among inhuman characters. Interactions as a focus and it often moves into angsty territory.
  • Angsty: A specific area of Dramatic play where the characters face endless hard choices that cost them dearly. Sacrifices have to be made often and there is an endless sense of facing down unbeatable odds and having to deal with knowing you are going to eventually lose the battle.
  • Social: Light hearted interactions where the characters simply interact outside of major events. Technically almost identical to True to Life, but less specifically within the scope of human day to day life.
  • Humorous: RP focused on light hearted fun and playful enjoyment. Jokes and silliness even in otherwise serious situations or situations which are without any level of seriousness.
  • Classic: Good guys are noble, bad guys tend to be clear cut and good always triumphs. Common to Golden Era characters.
  • Horror: Underdog protagonist who often does not succeed. Sense of fear vital and success is far from assured.
  • Detective: Main character focused on seeking out information and resolving situations through mental skill rather than pure physical power.
  • Alternative/Esoteric: Focus on realism but not the real world. (Ghost World and Sandman). Often with a degree of the metaphysical. Either word can be used, or both, depending on what fits your own interests.
  • Team: Focused on working in groups to gain from the strengths of one another and overcome the individual weaknesses. (JL, X-men, Avengers, etc.)
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