The Source of Abilities

This is where the power of a character originates. If there is an overlap, select the version that most accurately represents the source of the power. For further details about each, see below.

  • Racial: Birthright of your existence. How good you are with that birthright is on you, but it is entirely natural and biological. This includes mutations or other situations that alter your innate abilities. This is generally not used for skills.
  • Technological: This ability comes from something outside of yourself. A construct, drug or other such aspect of what you can do that has its origins in technology.
  • Magical: This ability has its roots in the Metaphysical and deals with powers beyond the normal scientific understanding.
  • Psychological: The nature of the mind is such that it can have serious implications on how you perform. Sometimes it is helpful, other times it interferes. Whatever this ability is, it originates in the mind.
  • Talent: Somewhat different from Racial, this ability comes from a way in which you excel beyond your cohorts by nature. This is generally used only for skills which you did not study and simply seem to be born good at.
  • Learned: Almost entirely the proxy of skills, this source of an ability notes that you have taken the time to carefully study and hone an ability over a period of time.
  • Profession: Money is the most obvious thing to have this as a source, though perks like a company vehicle and the like might also have this source.
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