Levels of A Resource

Gear is the most common version within the resources area, but companies may be included as well. Funding or money is listed here and its absence anotes a lack of income of any sort. Spy networks and other such things will also be found here. A lot of items like cell phones for those with a local level income can be hand-waved as being bought with that income. If you have an item that goes beyond your income level, it must be specifically noted here even if it is mundane in nature.

  • Local: A very minor resource that almost anyone could obtain. The majority of people can find a baseball bat or earn a paycheck of some sort.
  • State: You might be one of the top earners in your area or maybe you have a really fancy car. You are living well or have something that most people don't have access to.
  • National: One of the top earners in the country? Maybe your spy network extends around the whole US. Whatever this resource is, it is measured across the entire country and possibly has a few fingers beyond.
  • Multinational: Your resource either extends into multiple countries or is so impressive that it would probably take a multinational company dedicating resources just to manage it.
  • Global: One of the richest people in the world? Leader of the Illuminati? Have a giant spaceship that is unique to this planet? Yeah, you know you do.
  • Galactic: Across the whole galaxy, only a few people have access to this resource. If you are one of those lucky few, expect to have a target on your back.
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