Proficiency With A Skill

This is the player set stat for how masterful a character's Skill is. This is generally a measure of ability that involves how long one has spent studying and training at a given thing.

  • Nonexistant: Ever had a skill you utterly lack and it gets in the way? Not knowing how to swim while on a sinking ship comes to mind. Literacy is another of those really important skills that not everyone has.
  • Basic: Almost everyone can doggie paddle or manage basic reading and so those don't need noted except for their absence. Other skills are less common and though you aren't particularly good at them, you want to be clear that they are there.
  • Studied: You can do alright with these skills. Sure, you aren't winning many competitions, but you're also not failing many tasks either.
  • Skilled: You're now fully trained and capable of doing the task admirably. Your work is polished and well organized.
  • Exceptional: You're one of the best around. While perhaps not globally recognized, you are certainly a force to be noted at your given task.
  • Master: One of the true experts in your craft, you can do what only the masters are capable of doing. Maybe you make yourself well known or maybe you keep it well hidden, but you are certainly at the top of your game.
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