Level of A Power

This is the player set stat for how strong a Power is. It offers a general scope of how strong a given power is, though it does not indicate the potential limits. It only represents the current state of the power.

  • Latent: This is a power that is present, but currently untouched. Latent magic, untapped resources or similar situations call for the use of a latent level. Something that is under the surface and close to happening, but not yet actually there.
  • Weak: Worth being aware of because it exists, but nothing worth much enthusiasm. Sure, you can do it, but only just barely. That, or it is just such a common place thing that it should be obvious. People in metal suits hit hard even without strength enhancers. An apprentice spellcaster might manage to do some simple cantrips and illusions that almost anyone can see through. Maybe that budding psychic power allows you to levitate a blade of grass, but not a lot more.
  • Average: If they took a poll of everyone around to see how much they can do, you'd sit right on the top of the bell curve. Your power suit's laser pistol is par for the course among people using laser pistols. That healing ability you have is well beyond humans, but when you look at the superhuman healing factors, you fit right around the middle of the ability range. Spellcasters are competent, psychics can predict cards you are thinking about or bend spoons and levitate a few objects or flip switches.
  • Advanced: Sure, others manage to do this, but how many of them do it so well? You're pretty good at it. That mechanized chest canon is going to level a few city blocks if you aren't careful. The psychic probing you do can pull out some pretty useful information. Also, how did you manage to make that charging chimp disappear into your hat?
  • Superior: State-wide competitions are easy pickings. Other people with this ability look at you with envy. If you're a normal human you could easily be in the Olympics if you wanted. The power unit to your mech suit has a 1000 year battery if you use the minimum output. Your psychic powers allow you to control others with focus and can possibly reach around the globe. Chimp? Yeah, last week I turned a horde of demons into bobble head toys.
  • Champion: Your one of the elite. Across the world, perhaps even across multiple worlds, you are on the top of your game and can go toe to toe with the best there are. Your ability is the standard by which all others get measured. Superman or Hulk's Strength, Wolverine's healing factor, Dr. Fate's magic, the speed of the Flash, or Thor's God-force are all examples of Champion Power Levels.
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