The Identity & Personas of the Character

Everyone has at least one or more persona that they show to the world. Many heroes maintain a balance of a Secret Identity and a Public Identity. Others have allowed their 'secret' to become public knowledge. Most villains have their private identities known to the world after the first time they are taken into custody, though that isn't always true either.

We use the info system to note our character identities here. The General Section is for your Public Identity information about your mundane/day to day persona. Even if your 'secret' identity is known in connection with your public self, this information should be different and only relates to your daily life identity. If, as with certain characters, there is no identity known at all publicly outside of their hero/villain persona, then state that in the Public Identity area.

The Secret Section refers to your Alter-Ego Identity section and is used for what is commonly known about your hero/villain persona or alter ego. If it is known that it connects to your Public Identity, make sure to say so here. If you have no Secret (or not so secret alter ego) Identity, then simply say as much here.

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