Backgrounds Outlined & Foundational Characters

Two to three sections is what we're looking for as a general rule of thumb. Backgrounds should be chronological and written for the benefit of other players, not other characters.

A Good Format

The first section should be an 'at a glance' of recent events and commonly known points in the character's history. Use other sections to go into more detail about backstory, history, origins, or topics of relevance and interest. Please keep each section to 2-3 paragraphs at most.

Foundational characters will have much longer backgrounds on average, and may include references to events that occurred on the timeline.

Foundational Characters

Foundational characters are leaders. They're iconic parts their respective comic titles and game canon. Typically they head a 'family' of sorts. Foundational characters tend to be mentors or role models. There is an OOC requirement for a Foundational character to work with new players to balance and integrate the canon during the application process. Foundational characters should also strive to create RP for other characters and assist in storytelling.

Players may refer generally to Foundational characters in their +sheets and background. There is no mandate that a Foundational character must RP with certain people, but it is strongly encouraged that they RP with their 'family' and immediate teammates or help develop related storylines.

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